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  • Sarah Hyland's gorgeous fashion style gets fans talking about future film roles

    Sarah Hyland is usually in the spotlight because of her superb acting as HaleyDunphy on the popular tv show "Modern Family" but her stylish fashion is what has her in the spotlight and is not only making her a favourite of fashionistas but also sparking interest in her entertainment career.



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    Social media entertainment fans and fashionistas have become enthralled with the fashion style of the actress who is the new face of Hawaiian Tropic Island Sports as demonstrated by their excitement over her wearing of a black plunging neckline romper (Bustle - June 5). Fans are loving her style and have become ardent followers of her personal life to the point where they are starting to look at her as someone whose fashion they wish to follow, especially when preparing for 'date night with their partners.


    The intriguing thing about the focus placed on her sense of fashion and her personal life which includes new boyfriend Dominic Sherwood is that it has also brought attention to the unique position of her career. The attractive, petite actress is in the view of some fans and entertainment observers fast approaching a career crossroads as whether to stay in comedy or branch out into serious dramatic or action roles.



    In recent years she has played roles in "Vampire Academy" and "Date and Switch" but now with her having literally 'grown up' in front of the Modern Family audience fans are starting to wonder what might be her next move?


    She has no projects lined up for the summer, a surprising move for an actress with her talent and popularity and that has some observers thinking she intends to focus on building her endorsement portfolio as a brand ambassador while she tries to decide whether to show fans her 'adult' dramatic side in a gritty, emotionally challenging role or maybe a sexy, femme fatale side that would 'shock' viewers.


    There is no indication as to what direction she plans to take her acting career but one thing that has become very apparent is that Sarah Hyland is an actress whose fashion style fans love and thus it will not be a surprise if she becomes associated as a band ambassador of a clothing line in the near future.


    Sarah Hyland, an actress who fashionistas are loving and has fans and entertainment observers wondering about her acting career.

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