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fashion hourse - Page 6

  • Preparations for the wedding dress before the wedding

    From the beginning of wedding planning, we need to extensively understand the relevant information of wedding dress, determine whether the wedding dress is rented or bought, whether it is finished or customized, and then go to the store to try on the dress experience in person, and verify whether the actual quality of the wedding dress is consistent with the propaganda effect.

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  • Outdoor wedding arrangements

    The guest status and wedding site arrangement style of each wedding are also different, so the requirements of the wedding host are different.

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  • Wedding reception allows you to experience the beautiful wedding scene layout

    Beautiful wedding scene: purple romantic wedding

    What kind of life is the happiest? Some people think it's a life of flowers and applause. In fact, these flowers and applause are not the most important, the most important is to have a real love life. Life without love is dull, life without love is tasteless. With love comes happiness, with love comes a wonderful future.

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