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  • The bride's fashionable hair style in wedding photos

    A beautiful long hair is the envy of many girls. And take wedding gauze photograph to want to choose a suit of beautiful wedding dress not only, a beautiful hair style is also to take wedding gauze photograph indispensable, take wedding gauze hair to have those? Take a wedding picture, which one do you like best? Let's take a look and choose your favorite.

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  • Personality innovation wedding photo shooting essentials

    You must have seen a lot of clothes, posture and facial expressions are about wedding photos, feel very no ideas, now young people have different ideas, pursuit for photos and innovative personality, want to take a set of distinctive wedding photos, want to make a perfect wedding photos, will have a lot of conditions.

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  • Use of props for Korean wedding photos

    With popular Korean dramas, the young man to Korea popular with more and more intense, especially Korean style wedding photos, the beautiful quiet feeling, I think every love beautiful girl, will be rejected. Korean wedding photos have been added to the fashion element, Korean wedding photos of the biggest characteristic is with the aid of the props, use proper, perfect Korean wedding photos to finished, wedding photography to take you to understand what is Korean wedding photos are commonly used.

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