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  • The principle of customizing the wedding menu

    New wedding dress must not appear guests did not have enough to eat or feel nothing to eat. The fruit in wedding banquet chooses pomegranate commonly (because its seed is more, have many sons meaning), watermelon, Yang mei, peach

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  • Wild wedding dress, let you be a wild girlfriendc

    Wear a wedding dress up as savage girl friend wedding headwear you can do a test, do the action of bowed wedding dress, if sneaked away, some will need to consolidate his collar, such not only chic look nice, and make you elegant and decent

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  • How to maintain a wedding dress

    Every bride wants to have her own wedding dress, but when it comes to the maintenance of wedding dresses, it is the most frustrating thing for many brides. How to maintain a good wedding dress? Today Xiaobian shares it with you.


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