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  • how to pick wedding dress at the seaside wedding ceremony.

    The winding road is full of shells shells, flower ceremony Pavilion; beach tents, warm red tablecloths and floral...... What a beautiful wedding banquet scene -- seaside wedding. In such a beautiful wedding scene, the bride must have a delicate wedding dress. How to choose wedding dress for new people who are going to marry in the sunshine summer is also a pain. Too thick too hot and too thin to expose too much, so how to choose wedding dress?

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  • Romantic Prince Charming Prince

    Bride: romantic & bright princess dress; Cinderella's story, girls love! Lace, beading, floating skirt, princess dress sweet and pure. Knee-length short wedding dress, the overall feeling is very brisk and cute, suitable for more relaxed outdoor banquet. The bridegroom can choose a beige dress with a silver-gray bow tie or tie, which is graceful and handsome. Personalized point white black collared suit with white shirt, white vest, black tie, black trousers, layered mystery.

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  • Wedding dress, very beautiful wedding dress

    After many years you will not remember that there is a girl who cherishes you very hard.

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