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Create a children's fun wedding for small partners to find fun

The bride and groom will be the real stars of the wedding ceremony, but the little partners will be so vivid that they will bring energy to the wedding party. There is always a small partner on the wedding, although the bride and groom is the real protagonist, but the small partner but lively and lovely, can always bring vitality to the


Create a children's fun wedding for small partners to find fun

wedding reception, is the existence of these small partners is also not easy! Bridegroom bridal ground wedding to want to be organized point, so have no matter to a tong qu wedding, let small companion have fun to look for! Here's a look at how to create a happy wedding for your little partner. A couplet is food. Just prepare some young children love to eat food even, is like a mini pizza, chips or in small hamburger, these can not only make little guests eat with relish, still can cut spending some don't have the keys, like a cheese sandwich and some mystery corn shrimp can also give children's menu graces many oh! A perfect wedding is naturally no wedding cake, but little partners may catch a glimpse of the night cake, a little careless, may go to the cake before making a surprise, affecting the taste of the cake oh! Never mind that in order to attract the attention of these small partners, for them to a exclusive treatment: made for children and wedding cake style, but slightly smaller cake! The second is to provide considerate service. In order to let these lovely children connect peacefully, let them come to the table early for the annual dinner. For the sake of arousing children's interest, you can choose some toys as desk decoration, start small train or forest theme legos, city is a good idea! And be full of tong qu to scene little guests have entered the amusement land planted feel. Use is both interesting and can response, wedding theme gadgets to decorate a children's area, not only can let the guests do their play can link wedding banquet imposing manner is the same. It's the eve put the kids to get rid of the guests of the eve of the time, so much more to pay attention to the whole wedding venue in atmosphere and install the oh! The end is small wedding couples seat decoration. According to the guests to the spring and autumn to resolution adornment style, prepare may attract them to tools. Admittedly, under 2 years old child best remains the same from their parents to give gu assist, and remember to prepare for these little guests baby chairs. Can choose colorful plastic chairs or portable benches at the picnic land instead of traditionally eat chair, convenient the children themselves to mediate seat; Use colored plastic cups or tall glasses with a twist straw to increase the interest of little couples. Mark each child's seat with an embroidered napkin with child's name.

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