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Beware of the pit, and beware of the snare

Wedding banquet is only once in a lifetime, if the wedding car on the unhappy will be a life of regrets. If don't do enough preparation when the choice, then will be panicked. Is in when choosing a car, we must correspond to the guangzhou wedding company offer to pay attention to matters of the following. 1 choose money to earth hour at least see the vehicle photos in all circumstances, is basically means inferior to see the car before the banquet,


Beware of the pit, and beware of the snare

most of the eve of the wedding in guangzhou only images available for selection as the basis. Absolutely don't be confused by beautiful car photos, seemingly gaily image scanning some WaiYang magazines tend to come from, or buy expensive according to sample. Waiting for you to pick up the bride, Coming to base, it is not you take a fancy to the car. Must let guangzhou wedding company to show you the car photos, the judgement on photo-realistic vehicles to new and old degree easily. Look for the car brand trademark is every 2 vehicles to proper identification. If the wedding company under your money order, without the car brand car is likely to cause not in after time. At the moment on vehicles, because there is no on both sides must indeed as the premise, the reception on the day of the car is very likely and vehicles have error. Your order is not color shades, is style has changed, or the color of the style, The car is very old. Then guangzhou wedding company will shuffle some different photos and the reality. Don't have a car brand, who also couldn't say for sure. 3 May even use own car Most of the eve of the wedding company does not have own their strength, borrowed from other sources to car has the very eve of the harm. See, other vehicles to car condition, function, after all, how their wedding company is not very clear, you don't know. If the wedding company borrowed from the leasing company, the environment is a bit can, at least regular rental company car to have correct process and rules. The most concern is accidentally into the black car, car with so much, Uncomfortable. Admittedly, guangzhou wedding company will do for you: first tell you vehicle unexpected happened on the way, do not belong to resist factors), to give you casually change bad car. At this point, you have been in the wind of anxiety for a long time, such as bus, also means less than not enough. Even if is driving the vehicle, don't lost because any reason for you to take over the wedding company in vehicles. Wedding is only once for the eve of the matter, if encounter not happy on the car will be the first to pity. Is to must be careful when choosing the car trap. Don't become a regret due to carelessness.

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