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A great idea for a trendy wedding is to have an unforgettable trendy wedding

Every bride wants to make her wedding special. To see the idea of creating a stylish wedding, simple but sweet, your wedding will be full of personality.



1. Wedding LOGO

Make an overall image design for your wedding, including color tone and overall style. Most importantly, don't forget to design a LOGO to mark your wedding.

2. Unique invitation card

Invitations are designed to convey happiness, and beautiful invitations can be carefully kept. Create a special invitation from a storybook style that will make your guests feel like they've been invited to a fairytale ball, tender and romantic.

3. Keep a fresh sign-in book

The guest book feels the same, so you can't highlight the new person's own characteristics. Design your own check-in book before the wedding, so that guests can appreciate the couple's care when they sign in.

4. Name the seat number

Try to name your table in words rather than Numbers: if you travel a lot, name your favorite city. Or use flowers to name the table. For example, the main table where parents sit is named "carnation", which means affection and warmth.

5. Specially designed seat card

Every new person has their own personality and characteristics, so the specially designed seat card can highlight the new person's unique characteristics. Try using brightly colored fruits or vegetables to spell out a guest's name, or use your group photo to create a special seat card, or use a shell as a seat card if you're at the beach.

6. Creative napkin

The style of napkin is not the most important, the key is to want everybody to be able to see your clever idea, use different fold method on each table, for example, hit a love complex, insert a small card, also can fold napkin to put in napkin bucket, fasten a napkin clasp again.

Happy wish tree

If you can set up a beautiful wishing tree everywhere, let the guests write all the blessings on it, carefully store them after the wedding, and look at the blessings again many years later, you can recall the happy feeling on the wedding day.

8. Exquisite sugar box

Sugar is an indispensable food in the wedding. It is not only more decent to give it to friends, but also more impressive to everyone.

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