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The beautiful memories of marriage

The practical skill of taking wedding photos, instead of making a wedding photo album that you won't turn over in the future, has cost money and lost beautiful memories, it is better to know the practical skill of taking wedding photos now.



The picture is provided by shenzhen bao 'an love life photography

1. Modeling:

In the wedding photo shooting process, it is a great pleasure to feel the feeling of shooting a large film to the heart's content. Therefore, the ever-changing shape is always a major factor to attract people. If you just follow the trend and choose something that doesn't suit you, it's a pity, so you'd better talk to the stylist before you take a photo.

Practical skills of taking wedding photos 2. Photography:

Choose a suitable for their own photographer is very important, when choosing wedding dress company, do more photographer before things, to choose their own style, form, or you will find all the results can provoke your lust memories again, before the shooting, and photographers have communication, let the photographer to fully understand their ideas and want to high style, so as not to cause unnecessary misunderstanding.

Practical skills of taking wedding photos 3. Scene:

Choose the scene you want, especially when shooting outdoor scenes, you can choose a wide range of scenery, such as mountains, water edges, green fields, roads, grasslands, etc. However, the scene should also be selected according to the actual situation, such as weather, climate, site restrictions and so on.

Practical tips for taking wedding photos 4.

Decorate the figure, fully show the figure advantage is a big key that tries on the dress, match again on integral modelling.

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