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Professional wedding photography language analysis

Many new people do not understand the language of wedding photography, it is easy to cause unnecessary misunderstanding and make everyone unhappy.



Professional wedding photography language analysis

Wedding photo selection

Wedding photo selection is the most important link for the film studio to guide the later consumption. It is not easy to choose dozens of photos from hundreds of beautiful wedding photos.

Photo album number of P

The number of p in the album is calculated as 1p on both sides, remember to separate from one and one page. Usually the studio lady won't talk to you at first and won't sign it. The proposal stipulates at least not less than how many pages, the general number of album pages is 7, 10, 12, 15, 20p still have 30p, but it generally needs to be picked up by 12, 15p photo albums before hand feeling.


The real scene is a base built by many imitation of the characteristic real scene, not necessarily every studio. The lighting and scenery are still good, but people's mood and state are not as good as the scenery. Generally speaking, the studio will offer an outdoor view voluntarily, but when the weather is bad, it can't go out, so it can consider the real scene, because it is not affected by the weather. In addition, there is usually no exterior shot.

Take Taiwan,

Taiwanese make-up artists and photographers make up and take pictures for you.

Number of entries and pages

In general, several photos will be combined to make more changes to the photo album. This kind of fancy design is very expensive for photos. If you order about 60 basic sets, you can only make about 20p photo albums according to the studio's divide by 3.

Photo album, photo size

Photo album size is not the same as wedding photo size, they are the same only when the full version is designed. If an 18-inch photo album is labeled with an 11-inch photo, not only will the size of the photo be greatly reduced, but the quality of the stickers will be far behind the full version.

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