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Wedding dress selection for the bride


Of course, a good wedding dress is good for everything, such as fabric, style, workmanship and so on. Here is a look at wed114 wedding network for you to analyze a few wedding dress selection recommendations, do not miss oh.


A, style

1. Attention should be paid to the fabric. Cost performance of materials is important. To decide custom-made JM, the first inspection must want the version of this shop model, because design can have reference. Then carefully choose the fabric according to your style. There's no need to pick the best of everything.

2. Try more basic models in advance, and determine the most suitable styles for yourself. Then compare and select them, and add them. Add lace, flower, it is design problem, have nothing to do with design. (basic items include: breast wipe, suspenders, small bag sleeves, princess sleeves, etc., small A skirt, large A skirt, princess skirt (ball shape), large trailing, small trailing, etc.) Let's add it up. Add lace, flower, it is a design problem, have nothing to do with design.


Second, the work

Although this is no longer a hard target, but how can a good downsized home work? The so-called "good" work is like this

1, the fishbone

Not necessarily every style needs fishbone, straight style does not need. The more fish bones you add to each piece of clothing, the better. Generally, four will do, up to six. Of course, there are some lingerie styles you can add up to eight. Good fish bones are soft and tough. It is good fish bone that is not hard and can be planted. It is flexible. Unless done in an underwear fashion, fish bones should be lined, not on the surface.


2, the lining

The average feather should be fine. But here are two elegant ways to do it. The first is to install it in the abdomen of the wedding dress to help improve the curve of the abdomen. The other is to make the hook like two bras on the back of the corresponding chest. For some of the softer wedding fabric, the dressy wedding fabric is still lined with a layer of soft gauze.

The lining

3, skirt

The hemline of the skirt should not be avoided because we should wear the petticoat. Generally speaking, 3 to 6 layers will do. This will cover the print of the bone-lined skirt. Fish tail, straight body, may not consider the lining yarn.

In addition to the gauze lining, the wedding dress with a large trailing tail must be lined with a circle of fishbone gauze on the hem edge of the skirt. It's a stiff yarn. This kind of stiff yarn should be wrapped around the satin hem. The advantage is that you can make the hem naturally droop, and drag it back, so that it doesn't get wrinkled by moving around. Many have to be spread out at the beginning, and then the fabric will wrinkle after a few steps, asking the maid of honor to help smooth it out. This kind of hard yarn will not be used, a 360 degree rotation will not be a problem, or very flat.


4, placket

According to personal preference. Do not advocate to pack bosom stick, because see to know is false, the bosom of dress is not natural. But it should still depend on personal preference.


5, the embroidery

Generally speaking, the laying process is cheaper than the full embroidery pattern. Flower laying techniques have been used on several items of clothing at the balsamic JJ. Embroidery takes time and manpower. To lay a flower is to attach the cut lace to the satin.


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