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A little bit about wedding details, you know

Wedding dress as the most important thing in life a skirt for the girl, has been a childhood dream a lot of girls, how many girls have a dream that one piece of fabric and comfortable, the wedding dress, with delicate do manual work to for the wedding day of his glory, the bride-to-be will be in the tens of thousands of wedding dress pick out one or two pieces of your most satisfying white gauze, so how to choose a perfect wedding dress under? Belief is a problem for many brides. Most brides choose the wedding dress often care about the color and style, but few people pay attention to the important details of "work". A perfect, well-made wedding dress is more than necessary. Today, let the small editor of COSMOS dress customize tell you that the so-called "well-made" wedding dress is like this.



1, the lining

A good lining is made of soft cambric or satin, soft and strong. Good marriage gauze lining often USES inside turn over the light, it is the conjunctive part of marriage gauze is to turn inside, hide rise, cannot see the trace of union. The wedding dress that wipe bosom design installs brassiere to hook like safety clasp in the back commonly, help foil bosom model, also make bridal gown more at the same time.

2, fishbone,

Most wedding dresses have a tight upper body and need fish bones. The number of fish bones varies from 6 to 12. The more fish bone, the higher the requirement to cut the wedding dress, the more three-dimensional the wedding dress. Good wedding dress because of the support of fish bone, can dispense with model dress, and let the bride body slender, slender moving. Good fish bone has very strong support effect, and should not be too hard at the same time, one side wear uncomfortable.

3, skirt

According to the design of the wedding dress, the number of layers of the skirt is also different. Generally speaking, the number of fish tail style and body trim layer is less, for 2-4 layers. However, the number of layers of the princess wedding dress is more, ranging from 8 to 15, and some hard nets will be used in the middle to increase the cover of the dress.

4, the embroidery

The design that bud silk row spends, basically consider the simple sense of bud silk, good bud silk is soft and have stereo feeling again, can add color to bridal gown quite a few. The wedding dress that nail bead manually is the most time-consuming labor, need craftsman a bead to sew on wedding dress, relatively expensive, but the simple sense that brings is also incomparable.

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