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Preparations for the wedding dress before the wedding

From the beginning of wedding planning, we need to extensively understand the relevant information of wedding dress, determine whether the wedding dress is rented or bought, whether it is finished or customized, and then go to the store to try on the dress experience in person, and verify whether the actual quality of the wedding dress is consistent with the propaganda effect.


At this point, you need to pay attention to the following points:

Basic situation

The price of the wedding dress rented, considering its cost, compares the price of the wedding dress rented with the price difference of the wedding dress cost, calculates whether the wedding dress rented is appropriate. Custom wedding dress, the proportion of the deposit, the full payment of time and manner. If you order and mail online, will the cost of mailing be free or on delivery? If there is any pollution or damage during the lease period, do you need to pay extra fee? If the wedding dress is not damaged, do you need to pay extra cleaning fee?

Service details

Try a few more, and the effect doesn't have to be on you, so try a few more, until you find your favorite. There is no matching yarn and gloves, free or extra charge. Ask whether you can return the wedding dress or change it. If there is a change in size, can you change it? Do you need to pay a certain fee? What styles, colors and fabrics are available? Is it a new style? Can you make some changes? If the size of the wedding dress needs to be changed, the reference fee standards should be provided.

Buy or customize your wedding dress three months before you get married, taking into account the season of the wedding day and the size of the occasion, and leaving room for change. When buying or customizing a wedding dress, you should focus on the following points:

The price

Price, this price is only marriage gauze or formal attire still has gauze, glove wait, if do not give deserve to deserve to act the role of, how should these deserve to pay. The proportion of the deposit paid, the time and manner of payment of the balance.


The wedding dress that buys can return goods, change goods, under what circumstances can return goods, change goods, under what circumstances change goods to need to add price. Discuss whether the size of wedding dress can be changed, such as waist, shoulder, etc., if need to change, how to pay. Determine the style, color, fabric and accessories of wedding dresses, and explain every detail, so as to prevent businesses from using second-class fabrics as good fabrics. Or to blind consumers with similar styles. Whether the business provides cleaning, dry cleaning and other services, service is free or paid, how to pay.

A week before marriage, take out own wedding dress, ironing and ironing after gently fold, because the fabric of wedding dress is more heavy, not suitable for hanging cool, because hanging cool wedding dress is easy to deformation. It is recommended that you prepare a large cardboard box and light paper, and then gently fold the ironed wedding dress onto the paper and put it on the carton.

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