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Outdoor wedding arrangements

The guest status and wedding site arrangement style of each wedding are also different, so the requirements of the wedding host are different.


1. Site selection

Lawn wedding venue selection compared mainly, have wide resort, on the outskirts of the villa garden green space, or a golf course is a good choice, if can find a lake or mountain area is better, can not only appreciate the romance and joy of the wedding, can enjoy the natural cool again, that the wedding will give a person heart double enjoyment.

2. Site arrangement

Outdoor lawn wedding venue decoration arrangement is a key factor to determine the success of the wedding, its basic style should be mainly western style. In color, because outdoor green dominated the majority, in order to achieve the harmony of all wedding environment, should choose a little greasy color, such as white, pink, light purple, light yellow. The ban avoids the big red color, let alone the large red color. If there are candles and other accessories on the day, some glass blocks should be prepared for maintenance at the same time to avoid unnecessary accidents. In terms of wedding, because too much outdoor natural factors, so to think a lot of design scheme of can into may avoid weather have a lot of resolution, flowers on it is not easy to give preference to dehydration, color does not change color in the sun, also need to preparing the heavy support, to ensure flower works outdoors solid design.

3. Wedding date

Outdoor wedding is to return to nature, warm and affectionate nature, thus may choose - are compared for outdoor lawn wedding in October, the 5, 6, 9, October is the best choice, or if you decide the wedding date in April in November, and it's wish you can do an outdoor wedding, initiative you rent a portable heater, heater compared cheap rent, and the effect is very good. Especially in the early spring outdoor wedding, the comparison is extensive; You may also think that guests will prepare some blankets for proper heating. If you plan to hold outdoor wedding in the dog days of July, August, what you want to consider above all is prevent bask in heat stroke, the ground that has natural shade and prevent bask in a measure is necessary factor.

4. Meteorological factors

Weather is a key factor affecting outdoor wedding, because the wedding planning time is long, so it is difficult to guess the weather on the wedding day. The so-called day has the unexpected storm, everything also wants to buy an insurance, more preparation a backup plan, always be sure. For example, to cope with rainy days, please check with the venue in advance to see if tents can be provided, perhaps temporarily transferred to the indoor hosting ceremony, what preparations need to be made, etc.

5. Wedding situation

After an outdoor wedding, the wedding can be held in the restaurant near to the left. You can also leave the wedding ceremony and wedding reception time and choose to hold the ceremony in the daytime, the wedding or wedding party in the evening. Shenzhen wedding company

6. Traffic factors

Initiative is stated in your invitation his wedding, and a detailed description of the wedding location in the see (map) and traffic arrival method, because the outdoor venue is usually far from downtown contrast, so it's best to rent a bus let relatives and friends together to target, lest cause wedding day can't find the target and bungled a wedding. In addition, if the outdoor venue is far away from home, you can consider the guest room that is located in the wedding venue on the night before the wedding. In this way, the preparation time of the bride and groom is relatively rich, and the ceremony of receiving the bride and groom can also be completed with relative ease.

7. Wedding dress

The atmosphere of outdoor lawn wedding is relatively relaxed, the dress proposal on the wedding chooses the light color, the fiber, the contracted dress, on the style outdoor wedding is not suitable for the big tugged tail wedding dress and the tuxedo and so on too big dress, so when choosing the dress, the bride had better choose the ground wedding dress, the groom can choose the general dress.

8. Seasonal features and special status

(1) food. Outdoor temperatures often affect the quality of food and try to avoid perishable foods, such as dishes mixed with mayonnaise and sliced fruit. Similarly, the selection of wedding cake ingredients should also avoid comparing easy-to-melt varieties. When ordering, you should mention the outdoor wedding matters with the cake supplier, so that the other party can design the wedding cake materials and appearance in accordance with the outdoor environment.

(2) to prevent mosquitoes. It is incumbent on all guests to enjoy your wedding and refuse any unwanted visitors, such as mosquitoes, flies and insects. Especially when flies are flying in the food, it will make a scene. Therefore, prior to the site should communicate with the relevant units, all anti-mosquito measures.

(3) shenzhen wedding company recommends special guests. When you send an invitation card, write out your wedding situation clearly, if you choose outdoor wedding, especially when garden, lawn wedding, want to know beforehand which guest has severe pollen allergy, notice not to arrange these guest in the garden periphery. In addition, do not seat children near lakes, highlands, roads, slopes and other places where there are safety hazards.

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