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The bride's fashionable hair style in wedding photos

A beautiful long hair is the envy of many girls. And take wedding gauze photograph to want to choose a suit of beautiful wedding dress not only, a beautiful hair style is also to take wedding gauze photograph indispensable, take wedding gauze hair to have those? Take a wedding picture, which one do you like best? Let's take a look and choose your favorite.



Because of the era of open, hairstyle also many appear in the line of sight of people, relatively, compared with about ancient hairstyle can now is various and seen model contest, but that hair style should be in their wedding photos, what kind of hairstyle is the picture taken best? Which kind of wedding hair do you like best?

Picture taken to choose what kind of hairstyle, also look at the shape of the face, you may have seen "the naked marriage age", female children jia qian long face of neat bang hair color very grab an eye, showing lovely side.

For a round-faced girl, a slightly wavy medium-length hair style is perfect for her, giving her a gentle and lovely feeling. Heart-shaped face with small volume of long hair looks more attractive, the warm tan dye hair color to make women look more charming is spruce and moving, bud silk hair ornament set off the purity of rural style, glossiness of heavy inclined bang cover wide forehead, xiu yan effect is very good.

With so many wedding hair styles, which one do you like best? Picture taken on the same day, the couple can makeup girl advice, according to their own communication style and makeup artist, find their own love hair style, only for their own is the best, choose the right hair style, make their own personality wedding photos.

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