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Use of props for Korean wedding photos

With popular Korean dramas, the young man to Korea popular with more and more intense, especially Korean style wedding photos, the beautiful quiet feeling, I think every love beautiful girl, will be rejected. Korean wedding photos have been added to the fashion element, Korean wedding photos of the biggest characteristic is with the aid of the props, use proper, perfect Korean wedding photos to finished, wedding photography to take you to understand what is Korean wedding photos are commonly used.



1. The classic prop of Korean wedding photos -- stairs

Stairs is a wedding dress in framing a good prop wow, whether spiral staircase, still the usual steps, as long as photography suitable, appropriate aesthetic action again, can make beautiful photos of the fashion.

Take Korean wedding photos on the stair selection is still extremely matter, proposed to pick small and nimble choiceness or contracted and the atmosphere of the stairs, the element is selected the best drawing stairs and wood stairs, most can show out the interior wedding photos.

2. Mirror, the classic prop of Korean wedding photos

Using the mirror as a prop is most suitable for the bride alone and stubborn modeling, the same can build a different feeling and atmosphere. The bride in the mirror seems to be more capable of displaying the beauty of the bride.

Mirror on the selection of no great limit, as long as the mirror appearance contracted some default, are many and complex mirror but will take some care to look at the bride's eyes big mirror to adapt to the vision, so the play bride pose of the work force; Small mirror adapt to shoot jinjing, strange is the appearance of the bride grooming and dressing up, this kind of photography bride just have to worry about expression of attitude can.

3. The classic prop of Korean wedding photos -- petals

Dry petals are an extremely effective item to build an atmosphere or make a finishing touch. Korean wedding photos are also often used in this way to make wedding photos only happy.

Petals in Korean wedding photos is the main tool construction sense of well-being, such as wedding photos pay attention to the moments captured, out of the picture effect is most can display the couple of free and easy attitude, good to control the amount of petals are extremely matter, new head top and a small amount, in case to new face, effect picture effect, can be measured more around instead. But the petals don't need much either, which has the opposite effect.

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