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How to plan a fresh outdoor wedding


In such a summer season full of vigor and vitality, hold a fresh outdoor wedding is a good choice, in the testimony of the blue sky, white clouds, the grass, to complete her lifelong event.

Outdoor wedding season

The outdoor wedding season is from early may to mid-september. The best times are mid-may through mid-june and late August through early September. During these two periods, the weather was stable and the wind was low. If you are considering an outdoor wedding, you must first consider rain and thunder. Safety first, remember!8795401269_2061676148.jpg


The location of the wedding

If it's a lawn wedding, the principle of location choice is to sit north and south, because the ceremony is filmed. The negative light from the south to the north is not good for wedding photography. If you choose a location in the woods, you should also pay attention to the shadow of the tree. It also has shadows, so choose a location away from the road. Prevent noise interference. The wedding venue should not be too far from the dining hall, so as not to allow guests to walk a long way, especially the elderly. Of course, if the wedding day is cloudy, it's best to avoid the sun exposure, it doesn't rain, and it's good for shooting.

You'd better have a stage and background

The stage doesn't have to be big enough. The background behind the stage, preferably about the width of the stage. Stage and background should be suitable for the surrounding scenery. You can choose gauze curtain as background, flower door and road guide. But I strongly recommend not to use purple gauze curtain and gauze curtain ornament, as to why, because that is not the color that marriage USES.

Prepare the bride's dressing room

If you eat at the wedding venue, prepare a dressing area for the bride. If there is no room, you can use the back of the stage background to surround a small house and change clothes. Inside want to have the appliance that make up like a mirror to wait, also can use the space of car change clothes.

Prepare the sound system

The sound system is more powerful, at least four speakers in four corners of the room. Because the wedding occasion is open ground, the transmission of sound is not blocked, the sound power is small, the effect is not good.

Have enough umbrellas in reserve

If you insist on getting married in a light rain or intermittent rain, at least get an umbrella ready for the cameraman, cameraman, and acoustician. They couldn't free their hands to take their umbrellas at the wedding.

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