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How to find the skills to take a good wedding picture

New people to take wedding photos, generally is the set of system interior + on location, but the favorite is interior photos, because it is classic, but the wind couldn't take a photo indoors, the rain, is the new people when choosing a set of system has to be some, and together with below small make up to look at how to grasp the interior photos shoot tips.



1. Sweet smile

Wedding photos are different from art photos. It is not wise to be cool, because it is very difficult to be beautiful with cold expression and innocent and lively natural smile. It is recommended that couples practice smiling properly two weeks before filming. You know you have to laugh all day on the day you take a photo. It's hard to keep going without a good smile habit. But photographers can make it a lot easier for you, and they often infect you with words and try their best to make you laugh.

2. Slightly sideways

To show charming figure, it is suggested that new people put side of pose more when filming, especially the bride, because women's figure beauty in turn slightly when the body more easily, if pure is facing the camera, is too stiff. How many angles does the side need to turn? Rest assured, the photographer will also help you control it.

Straighten your waist

Taking a wedding photo is a lot of work, because you need to keep every part of your body highly alert at all times. Must be secretly hard, especially back if habitual hunched over at ordinary times can make you feel relaxed and comfortable, more to pay more attention to that at this time, because the baggy hunchback modelling will let the pictures came out very natural, too lazy, also not suitable for grand wedding photos at will. And straightening up makes your neck, collarbone, arms and other lines more three-dimensional and beautiful.

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