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Make a beautiful bride with a sweet hair ornament

An appropriate hair like make the finishing point, can let the bride the whole look very charming, but different hair accessories for the bride and selective, it can choose according to the couple's wedding dress and hairstyle to do, see the bride like which model.



White gauze headdress

White gauze net is acted the role of the head to surround in bridal hairstyle, adorn with meticulous bud silk lace, let the bride appear particularly elegant charm. A few romantic strings of pearls hang down at will on one side, not only have very simple sense of texture, and add a touch of nobility and mystery to the bride inadvertently. Delicate hair ACTS the role of tie-in big wave curl, make a kind of thick dreamy feeling.

The shining water-drill glittered

The bridal headdress is similar to the previous one, but both have their own features. Simple dish hair is optional and not contracted, already atmosphere grace is full of noble temperament again. Accessorize with a sleek, wide-brimmed bun and a sparkling diamond. The one side that hair ACTS the role of is like tassel droop, the integral modelling that adds tenderness more for the bride.

Feather hair accessories

Feather hair is the element with big heat in recent years, it is elegant and the temperament that gentle beauty attracts numerous vogue bride. This white feather headdress matches the elegant hair of the bride. It is elegant and beautiful. The adornment is decorated on the hair is decorated a few bud of bud of bud of bud of bud of bud of bud of bud of bud of a few bud of bud of bright drill, match photograph photograph of the big diamond earring between ear photograph, show dye-in-the-wood tenderness and fashionable feeling.

Black hat

Black hat is permeated with thick aristocratic atmosphere, concise hat outside encircle hollow-out design of the veil, let the bride be full of sex appeal and mystery. The hat is not worn in a formal way on the bride's head, but in a slanted way, which adds a touch of humor and looks stylish and elegant at the same time. The bride can have such a small gift hat at the wedding, I think it will definitely surprise the whole audience.

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