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Bride testing experience


Today is a special day, the girl have an appointment at noon twelve o 'clock early try yarn, but left and right and so on, the girl is always not come, until the appointment, shop or no girls, just when we thought the girl won't come today, at three o 'clock in the afternoon, the girl is long overdue.


Girl is native, read in wuhan university, on campus, she knew the would-be husband, now a boy growing up in wuhan, a boy and she is the same different professional departments, two people get to know each other as if is the idol drama, so the girl in the library borrowed a boy always wanted to read the book, after the boy from now on in the bookshelf of self-study on the table, which "asshole" he wanted to see what is so unfortunate, just like that, he seized her, also met the girl from the north, her lively open and bright, her, his wit, his tolerance, and so, in that the season of cherry blossoms in full bloom, they fall in love, from now on, Year after year, she couldn't forget the warm water bag he sent her in the middle of the night. He could not forget the cold medicine in her schoolbag at any time. He could not forget her good night every night. In 2014, they decided to stay together for life.

Boy came to the city is in preparation for the things before marriage, but working on things and let the boy had to leave, have an appointment at noon to together, boys to girls choose a wedding clothes in person, but the girl is not regret, she told us that want to wear a wedding dress, and then to the boy, and told the boy on the train, I want to marry you! In a word, a lifetime of commitment, a lifetime of mutual adherence.

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