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The bride wears the dress code

The hairstyle can reflect the character of the bride the most, no matter you are lively and pretty or sexy and noble, want your hair to be able to tie his gentleness only, so your goal is achieved.



If you are a bride with short hair, the bride should communicate with the hair stylist in advance to choose the right hairstyle, hair accessories and flowers.

If you have very short hair, wear more accessories. Shorter hair highlights the beauty and charm of accessories.

2. For the bride with short hair, it is not easy to change her hair style and find suitable hair ornaments. Basically, the closer to nature, the better. Choose a wig, too, but make sure it matches your face shape.

Try designing your own hair. There is a short style with a lock of hair on the front of the forehead and then the hair on the sides is rolled up. The most important thing is to make the hair look healthy and bright.

Attention of the bride with short hair: the choice of the veil is generally long, medium, short, single layer, multi-layer type. The bride can choose a style that suits her face shape under the guidance of her make-up artist. The right combination of flowers and crowns can also render the atmosphere. Flowers can be placed in the hair along the veil or in place of the veil. The bride wore a floral arrangement to tie up the flowers, and the new headdress could be paired with a romantic lace dress and lace wedding dress.

If you are a bride with long hair, you will have more beautiful hair.

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