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Colorful and colorful! Let your marriage live

The color of the wedding dress should be changeable.


The most direct form of expression you want to smash is the bride's wedding dress. Choosing a colored dress can directly light the entire photo, but the color of this dress is elegant. It is not only suitable for the bride's dress color, but also Coordinated with the entire environment, if the bride may wish to choose a colorful wedding dress to make your wedding gorgeous.

Shooting scene to jump.

In the selection of the scene, it is not recommended that new people choose some colorful shooting sites, because the scenes are sometimes smashed not by color, sometimes the scene itself is a gorgeous representative, such as the moment young people like underwater Wedding photography, as well as some scenes that need special effects to achieve the effect, these new scenes are enough to add a bit of color to the wedding photo.

Photo style should be diversified.

If the newcomer can add a few strokes to the style of the photo, then the gorgeousness of the wedding photo will have a three-dimensional presentation, and the style of the photo plays a key role in the later period, so in the later stage, various bold attempts are made to realize wedding photographs through some technologies. , Creative design style, can be said to directly make a lot of wedding photos smashed.

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