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Underwater wedding photography creative and shooting skills

The new creative underwater wedding photography for shooting wedding photographs, the aesthetic personality of underwater wedding photos is deeply loved by newcomers. Underwater wedding photography is the latest creative wedding photo launched by Yashang Photography in 2012. A lot of new people are worried that they will not dive and swim underwater. They are very worried about shooting problems and safety issues. Here are the shooting techniques for shooting underwater wedding photography. How to shoot underwater wedding pictures? Xiaobian tells you one by one.



Shoot the basic elements of underwater wedding photography. To carry out underwater wedding photography requires considerable diving techniques to begin underwater photography. First of all, it is necessary to learn about underwater safety activities, that is, to learn diving first. The first underwater wedding photography photographers need to shoot underwater. Yashang's exclusive production of underwater photography, photographers can shoot outside the water, shot through the glass. Couples who want to take underwater wedding photos must be divers to enjoy underwater wedding photography. Therefore, couples who want to perform underwater wedding photography need short-term diving training, basic basic diving skills, and divers qualification.

Underwater wedding photography shooting preparation - diving. Shooting a beautiful creative underwater wedding course is to pay, newcomers can go to the swimming pool for a period of time to practice; practice method is very simple, first of all to adapt to diving, to learn simple swimming measures such as breaststroke. Of course, there will be corresponding security personnel and measures in the studio when shooting. In order to better and more beautiful shooting, it must be paid.

Underwater wedding photography shooting techniques. Underwater wedding photography so how to shoot it more creative and beautiful. Underwater wedding photography first must choose a more elegant wedding dress chiffon fabric shooting the best wedding dress can shoot more beautiful underwater wedding photos with the water swing. Newcomers should pay attention to changes in the appearance of the watch while diving. Don't look too hard on the belch. It will be very difficult to watch it unnatural. (When shooting underwater weddings, it's generally a good idea to shoot with the best shot while cycling.) All this new person is not It is necessary to worry about what to do if a shot is not successful. Underwater wedding shooting is more difficult than on the road shooting, body language to show the beautiful, newcomers can simply learn some dancing and dancing posture, so that your underwater wedding is more unique and beautiful.

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