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The market outlook for professional bridesmaids


A professional bridesmaid is a commercial bridesmaid service. It has the function of escort, and can also undertake a variety of functions such as wedding secretary and make-up artist. Have such a professional bridesmaid: they are after a short training may be actual, on the wedding day be the bride's closest "cronies", to supply from cosmetic to bride wedding procedures such as professional consulting services.


Professional bridesmaid market should be of great potential, professional bridesmaid haven't complete "professional", since most practitioners are not professional, "the scene of a lot of people reflect ability also not line, also don't know to old customs, habits. Moreover, experienced people cannot be bridesmaids when they get married.

"Professional bridesmaid" has become a must in the development of the wedding industry, the emergence of desire to the relevant departments of the professional scope, systematic training, make "bridesmaids" professional can also have a standard development platform, let the maid of honor "lease" on both sides of the legal benefits can be guaranteed.

In wedding peak season, professional bridesmaid become each big wedding company in shenzhen "good catch", a day of highest salary can reach 800 yuan, the comprehensive salary can reach 3000 yuan, a lot of wedding etiquette company recruitment "bride secretary/professional bridesmaid" jobs. The salary is usually 200 yuan to 600 yuan per day, and the comprehensive monthly salary is not less than 3000 yuan (for both full-time and part-time jobs).

Wedding company professional bridesmaid is received many jobs resume the most jobs, mostly college students to apply for, accompanied by professional bridesmaid at the wedding is not only in the couple's side, but also for the new block wine and cope with the relatives and friends. Their fees range from 200 yuan to 800 yuan, and they can earn more than 3,000 yuan a month.

Besides being a bridesmaid at the scene, I have to choose wedding dresses and take photos with the bride. The role of bridesmaid is mainly taken by college students and white-collar workers. In general, professional bridesmaids make at least one appearance a week, a minimum of four times a month.

Now there are some wedding company launched the "for rent" groomsman bridesmaid, got some welcome, some wedding companies launched rental business, expand to now from the sideline to its main business, the current supply the service of our company more than 50, more for small and medium-sized wedding company in shenzhen, important thinking to the wedding at a less orders can add some income.

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