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Different styles of wedding the groom should not dress casually

Each groom has his own personality and characteristics. According to his own situation, choosing to match the suit and dress of the groom can show a more perfect and harmonious feeling. But don't forget to coordinate with the wedding theme. Today, I will explain the different styles of wedding and groom's dressing plan.



Different styles of wedding the groom wears 1: a beach wedding

The beach wedding was the most casual of the three. Originally, the environment of the beach was to let people relax and enjoy a free wedding, so the dress would not be too formal, but would appear abrupt. How to write the invitation

The dominant color for a beach wedding is naturally blue to match the beach. Unlike a country wedding, a blue suit for a beach wedding is more casual and can be made of linen, with a more casual style. Shirts don't have to be limited to white. Plaid shirts are more themed. Take off your tie and tie. However, in order not to mix with the crowd, the square towel is still necessary, but no silk is needed, the cloth can be made of broken flower square. Finally, a pair of casual pressed leather shoes can be a perfect beach wedding dress.

Different styles of wedding the groom wears 2: urban wedding

Wedding is held in the prosperous city, in order to match the prosperity of the city, clothing is undoubtedly the most fashionable, outdated clothing will only ruin a gorgeous wedding.

For weddings in cities, the mainstream color of suits is black, while black is a classic color and a fashion color that will never go out of style. In addition to formal suits, try western tuxedos. The necessary white shirt is a no-brainer. Waistcoat is the place that can develop groom individual character most, but had better choose peaceful weak color, appear sedate do not break vogue again, recommend here weak pink waistcoat. A simple tie, no fancy, and a scarf to match the tie. Finally, add a pair of English shoes. A gorgeous city groom was born.

Different styles of weddings groom dresses 3: country weddings

A country wedding is a wedding close to nature. Take off the impetuosity of the city, restore simple and unadorned color, come to a simple and simple wedding.

The dominant color of a country wedding is light blue. A blue suit, blue waistcoat, a blue bow tie and a blue scarf make it easy. No shining shoes, a pair of suede shoes can be, do not violate the rural wedding close to the nature of the theme.

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