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It is not appropriate to take outdoor wedding photos


What circumstances should not take outdoor wedding photos? We all know that wedding photos are very beautiful on the outside. Nowadays, many newcomers like to take wedding photographs outdoors, but there are some situations that are not suitable for wedding photos. Quickly take a look at the five scenarios listed by Xiao Bian. Stagger these situations and go and shoot your beautiful wedding photos!


1. Newcomers who only have one day of shooting time

       Not every newcomer has ample time. If the shooting time of a newcomer is only one day, it is best not to choose a location, especially one that is unfamiliar and has a long way to go. The shooting time of the day is already in a hurry. If there are more views, you still need to travel to multiple sites. It is difficult to allocate time. Not only is it tiring, but the effect of shooting is not good.

2, the bride and groom have motion sickness

        The location of the general location shooting selection, there is a certain distance from the photography floor. If you are shooting natural scenery, you will spend more time on the road. The new people have a motion sickness situation, which will make the newcomer’s face and mental state become very poor, even if it is make-up can not make up for it, and the motion sickness this uncomfortable process, is bound to affect the new people shooting mood. If you smile, you can't shoot a natural, moving wedding photo. Which wedding is good in Hainan?

3, the bride is in the physiological period

The bride is in a physiological period and it is best not to choose location shooting. On the one hand, when many brides are in the physiology period, the body is prone to discomfort, and the body's sense of exhaustion is better than usual. Being active for a long period of time is also detrimental to the health of the bride. On the other hand, location shooting locations are mostly in the suburbs. The environmental conditions are very limited. It is also very inconvenient to go to the toilet, and the unclean environment may also affect the health of the bride.

4, the bride and groom are sick in the body

If one of the two people happens to be uncomfortable, such as having a fever or dizziness and lack of energy, then do not choose location shooting. If it is summer, it may be difficult to be tanned, not to mention winter. Hainan Paris wedding photography

5, when the weather is not good

This kind of situation is very easy to understand. Imagine shooting a day with heavy rain or a hot sun. Of course, it is not suitable for shooting on location. If you really want to shoot wedding photos on the indoor shooting, select a comfortable environment, you can delay the best delay, choose a good weather and then come the best shot.

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