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 Teach you to take good Chinese wedding photos

For young people who love the Chinese style, how can you take a wedding photo with less Chinese wedding photos? How can you shoot the most beautiful Chinese wedding photos? Xiao Bian will share with you today.



1. The choice of clothing. For the wedding photos of the Chinese style, when choosing clothing, you should communicate with your own photographer and make-up artist. You can choose cheongsam, Tang suit, Hanfu or Fengguan Xia according to your own conditions.

2. The choice of jewelry. Newcomers usually choose the jewellery they choose according to their choice of clothing. For example, most people in cheongsam will choose jade ornaments, and Phoenix will choose gold ornaments.

3. Makeup modeling. When taking Chinese wedding photos, we must follow the principle of “slightly applying the powder”. Too heavy makeup is not suitable for Chinese wedding photos. This style of wedding photography is more about the fresh style.

The above is a brief introduction of Xiaobian's sharing with you on how to take good pictures of Chinese weddings. I hope that the newcomers will be able to shoot their own Chinese wedding photos with the most beautiful results.

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