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How to maintain a wedding dress

Every bride wants to have her own wedding dress, but when it comes to the maintenance of a wedding dress, it is the most helpless thing for many brides. How to maintain a good wedding dress?



1. Clean the wedding dress. The best time to clean a wedding dress is as soon as possible after wearing a wedding dress. If the time is a bit longer, the stains will not be clean. If you do not have confidence in the wedding clean, then quickly find a professional wedding cleaning shop let them solve it for you.

2. Save the wedding dress. Many people are used to putting a clean wedding dress in a clean plastic bag, but it is most likely to overlook the fact that plastic products can cause permanent folds in wedding dresses and absorb moisture, which in turn makes the wedding dress moldy. The best solution is to use white copy paper as a packaging material, but do remember to keep it in a dry environment.

3. If the bride chooses to store the wedding dress in the box, then Xiao Bian suggests that the bride choose an acid-free, pH-neutral box and save it in a clean environment.

The above is the introduction of how to maintain a good wedding dress that Xiaobian shares with you. I hope that the bride can maintain her beautiful wedding dress intact.

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