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Dress code

Black is never out of date to dress up, but it is better to combine the theme colors with the popular colors. If you don't have time to choose a chic dress, just buy something that is simply too simple -- black, open-necked, sleeveless, simple and reserved, and never left behind. And then we're going to focus on the finer details. The delicate tassel embroidered shawl with leather slippers can show the old lady style of lazy and tired. Pink suede rose handbag and coral necklace are all romantic. Evening dress



2 accessories determine fashion can't always be the same face? This requires a little more detail. A gorgeous shawl, a shiny necklace, a pair of eye-catching earrings, a slim bracelet, all of which are a clever way to transform a dress into a small dress. Scarves, headdresses... It is the carrier that introduces avant-courier element, can reflect your fashion degree most, must not hesitate blood book, and want to pursue alternative, do not follow the crowd. But remember to wear it, not all of them, be sure to do it. The style of the handbag must be complete, in order to match different occasion.

The trend vest is so effective that your boss suddenly informs you that you are going to attend an important party with him in the evening. It is not possible to go home and change clothes. A small vest is the best helper at this time. European designers have launched a day - to - night, ornate camisole. Buy a small vest that has bead piece, embroider, flash material, wear in the jacket inside day, scenery is not obvious; Take off the coat at night, sexy, luxurious atmosphere appears immediately. As for the color, want to grab an eye to be able to choose red, pink to wait for bright color, reservation is optional black, gray -- - assurance won't let the boss to your dress roll over the eye.

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