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  • The skill of a bride taking wedding photos with her short hair

    In the heart of every woman, has a head of beautiful long hair and a pair of long legs is a wonderful thing, but in general, men are like woman has long hair, and long hair can arbitrarily change hair style, women can experience the different aesthetic feeling, but little imagine

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  • How to choose the right wedding dress

    A good wardrobe always let a person look good, no matter what kind of person you are, dress can be seen on a person's nature, the tailor makes the man horse saddle, a good outfit also can show a person's temperament, to beginners of photography, photography should be how to choose the wedding dress, this is a very important problem, only choose the right wedding photos, to make their wedding photos more beautiful.

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  • Summer style wedding dress

    Summer is not suitable for heavy wedding dresses, not only because of the hot weather, but also with the wedding style, summer weddings are mainly cool,

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