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Marriage gauze, a very worthwhile article

selection of wedding dresses is particularly important for wedding brides. If you want to be sexy, sweet and elegant, the following wedding dresses can satisfy your wish.


One, the shoulder dress

Shoulder dresses have always been classic. Designers all over the world are remolding the outline every year, and the three styles of the timeless, romantic and sexy dress are beautiful and elegant.

In fact, the wedding dress is the warmest and most tender dream in the bottom of the woman's heart. It is very important to choose a proper wedding dress. Now many of the brides who are ready to get married are fond of online shopping, and the online shopping can not be tested on the spot. So they know exactly their size, such as the height of the body, the three circumference, the chest circumference and the shoulders, and the shoulders. The circumference, the long neck, the long back, etc. Then compare your size with the model and other buyers, and let the seller choose the wedding dress that suits you best.

Two, regu Lace Wedding Dress

Lace lace in the waist and big skirt wedding dress, regu lace is never a fashion fashion fashion fashion, and in the elegant temperament, adding new fashion elements, is the common goal of many designers. The new breakthroughs in this year's Retro lace lie in the more luxuriant detail design, the local lace art, the ripening charm of the lace, and the free and elegant temperament. To give people is a kind of elegant and fresh feeling.

Three, fishtail wedding dress

Fish tail wedding dress no matter in any season of the bride's favorite, is always the bride's heart good, other do not say, the waist to highlight the beauty of the beauty of nine great, baby this body of the tail wedding dress, the upper body full Lace Satin design, plus the lower tail of the tail add flower modelling, rich in layers, elegant atmosphere!

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