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Summer dress features

The features of the summer short dress are playful,


 the bottom line of the skirt is above the knee, and the calf is exposed from the layers of the yarn, which still shows the grace of the bride. The skirt is designed with layers of pure white yarn, white yarn with pink yarn, white yarn with red yarn, etc., sewn into a shape of a large flower, the shape of the skirt is made slightly longer at the front end, and the dress is playful. Keren is also generous and luxurious. The skirt is decorated with crystals, sparkle at a certain point in time, so that the summer bride is justified!
????Not only is the skirt short, the upper body of the summer dress is as short! There is a traditional sling design, wrapped chest design, etc., as well as bold backless design, only a little article on the neck, bold backless dress often reveal the entire back line, make you not beautiful and difficult.
????Note when choosing: short dress wedding dress has a higher requirement for the bride's legs, so be careful when choosing your own size. Trying to choose the dresses with the most beautiful colors and decorations will show the cuteness and beauty of the bride perfectly. When wearing, pay attention to: When seating, pay attention to the skirt do not be picked up, but can not run out, otherwise it will not be beautiful.

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