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Romantic Prince Charming Prince

Bride: romantic & bright princess dress; Cinderella's story, girls love! Lace, beading, floating skirt, princess dress sweet and pure. Knee-length short wedding dress, the overall feeling is very brisk and cute, suitable for more relaxed outdoor banquet. The bridegroom can choose a beige dress with a silver-gray bow tie or tie, which is graceful and handsome. Personalized point white black collared suit with white shirt, white vest, black tie, black trousers, layered mystery.

Groom: British gentleman clothing; also known as morning dress, day dress, is a formal dress for men in the day. In front of a button, from the front door 襟 向下 向下  In order to meet the daytime atmosphere, generally white, ivory-based, champagne, gold accessories as embellishment, simple and chic, more suitable for a book gas or the overall temperament of the groom dressed.
Bride: Grand veil shape; the length of the bride's veil represents the sacred level of the wedding. The long contoured silhouette is like a gorgeous light dress, shaping the new season of the court retro bride. The groom can choose the European and American dresses that are very gentle, mainly in different styles of tuxedos and uniform dresses, with simple lines, slender shapes, with chic shirts and corsages, and gorgeous palace-style bridal dresses. Complement each other.
Groom: British gentleman; suits equal dresses? Because they are all from Western countries, we can easily confuse the two. In general, formal dresses are more formal than suits, and Western men are often required to wear formal dresses when they attend formal banquets. As for the suit, it is lighter and can be worn in general business meetings or dinners. Some bridegrooms will use suits instead of dresses, but they are not ceremonial, and they are not accompanied by gorgeous white gauze dresses.

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