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how to choose wedding dress with different faces.

A big round face If the bride's face is a large round face, it is recommended that this type of bride never choose a wedding dress style with collar, and can choose the style of big V collar.

Face (face). This type of face in the East we call the most beautiful face type, this type of face has no special requirements, like what kind of style can be selected, is the face type. Large zygomatic Chin This type of face is also a lot, although this type of face looks strange, but as long as the bride chooses a wedding dress style to choose a deep V suitable for her, the disharmony will disappear. Chinese character face For the new faces of the Chinese character face, never choose the wedding dress style of the round neck, try to choose the V collar that can make the face look smaller and better. Read more at:bridal gowns |wedding dress online

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