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Outfit Time! Let's Do This

Keeping it delicate means an ensemble made from sheer or air fabrics to give that easy, effortless effect.

Blazer dresses are back to steal the show! This trend has been rocked by Hilary in The Fresh Prince of Belair and Fran from The Nanny and has re-emerged this Christmas in the closets of Bella Hadid and Kim Kardashian.

A structured shorts suit never gets old; it's a trend that refuses to die. Go dust off yours because its time has come again. If you got rid of yours after the last time it was trending, please hurry and buy a new one and never make such a silly mistake again!

Following the suit trend, if you have day events that you want to attend and make a statement, be sure to add a matching skirt set to your wardrobe; you can up your style by purchasing one with appliqué or a loose, airy one, thus handing you the 'Most Stylish' title.

Chiffon fabric is in. Ignore the discomfort it may cause because you are bound to turn some heads, especially if you mix it with something else that's trending, like appliqué or loose frills. The discomfort will vanish after you look in the mirror and see how fabulous you look!

Some additional tips: switch out your sequins for metallics. A statement gown is a must for your favourite Christmas party; the more unique the print is on the fabric, the better it is. If you see a silk or chiffon fabric outfit....grab it!

Can you really have a Christmas without trendy boots? Vinyl and leather are so in right now, especially in red. Whether ankle, calf, knee-high or all the way up your thighs, these boots are here to make a move! They can literally be the focus of one of your Christmas outfits, easily. Pointed toes are back in. Yes, yes, I know. They're not the most ideal, but beauty is pain; bear the discomfort all in the name of looking fabulous!

Looking F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S

Now that you have everything in check, you got this in the bag! See you and your girlfriends this weekend! I look forward to seeing that rose gold highlight glistening from across the room, those vampy lips around your big smile as I approach, and the fab hairstyle setting the tone as I look down to see your fabulous blazer dress with your shiny vinyl boots. Kiss, kiss on each cheek! Then the introduction to your bestie who greets me with her Holo Flakes manicure nails for a handshake, with her smokey eyes looking all fleeky, as I glance down to see her in a structured suit made out of chiffon with appliqué all over it.... The Christmas season has been 'slayed'! Now let's pose for a picture because we all 'ah seh one'.Read more at:short wedding dresses | bridal gowns

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