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  • The High Holidays

    Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kipper, Sukkos – this is the time of the year to pause, take stock, and think about the year ahead. Of course, the best way to do all that is by making sure the small but important details are taken care and you can concentrate on the big task at hand.

    Comfortable clothes: As I’ve gotten older, I’ve discovered an under-rated pleasure – comfortable clothing and footwear. Forget the fashion show in shul, or trying to fit into an inspirational dress in a size that you find yourself tugging on throughout the day. Buy clothes that fit well, are of a pleasant texture, and move with you. When you select your shoes, make sure you can stand in them for a while, without any toe pinching. Wearing clothes that are comfortable and make you feel happy and energetic is very conducive to the introspection we hope to attain.

    This pertains to children as well. When buying clothing for your children, make sure they want to wear those outfits, and it’s not just you who wants them to wear them. Having outfits your children are excited to wear cuts down on the hassle of trying to get them dressed and out of the house on time for shul.

    Guests: During regular Shabbosim, I like to spend time together with my family, catching up on our busy week, and, therefore, we don’t always have guests. Yom Tovtime, though, we always have company. However, I am still struggling to balance my desire for company with realistic expectations as to how my table and menu should look. All too often, high expectations can lead to major disappointments.

    It’s important to think carefully about the number of guests you can handle with an appropriate amount of effort and still tap into the beautiful Yom Tov atmosphere we hope to create in our homes. After all, having lots of guests and a beautiful table but a stressed-out mommy is kind of missing the point, right? I write this tip in the hopes that I can keep it as well!

    Sleep: This brings me to my next tip – adequate sleep. There is nothing more likely to ruin your holiday than exhaustion. Allocate time to sleep just as much, if not more, as you plan your shopping and cooking time. Sleep is crucial, not something expendable. So, if having the night meals with guests extends those meals to a late hour and you know your little ones will be waking you up at the crack of dawn, then avoid having guests at night. If you know that if you put the roast in the oven at eight, you will have to wait until midnight to take it out, then don’t make the roast at that time. Whatever you need to do to make sure you get those solid eight hours, make sure you do. Your family and your body will thank you.

    Prayer and reflection: This time of the year is all about prayer, but what if you just aren’t feeling it? The obvious answer is: Do it anyway. However, the best way to get yourself into a reflective, introspective mood is by learning and delving into the meaning of the chagim. No time to learn or go to a shiur? Well, you are in luck! There are literally millions of incredible shiurim available via phone, website, or app. Listen while you go about your business, and feel your inspiration go up tenfold.

    Provisions for the little ones: While you’re deep in a three-hour Shemonah Esrei, what are your little ones doing? Hopefully not pulling on your sleeve, because you’ve prepared wisely by either buying some new toys and/or books or hiding a few old favorites and only allowing them to play with them while you are davening. If you go to shul, don’t forget to pack some snacks, as you don’t want your children to be the only ones without a snack bag.

    Realistic Expectations: This is by far the most important element of a successful, meaning holiday. You know, better than anyone, what your family dynamic is. Don’t assume that anyone will change overnight and simply go along with your wishes. Instead, assume that everyone is less likely to meet your expectations. If your teenager doesn’t go to shul all year, don’t expect her to sit in shul for hours on Yom Kippur. If your toddler hasn’t managed to sit by the table once yet, she won’t start on Rosh Hashanah, despite the fact that you have decorated the table with apple place settings. With reasonable expectations, you will be happy with what works out, and understanding of what doesn’t.

    I wish you a beautiful and meaningful Yom Tov and may all your prayers be answered.Read more at:Pink Bridesmaid Dresses | wedding dress

  • Anas Rashid on tying the knot with Heena Iqbal

    Diya Aur Baati Hum star Anas Rashid is a happy man today. The popular television star, who got married to Heena Iqbal on Saturday, can’t contain the happiness that his marriage has brought him. Talking exclusively to, Anas shared, “I feel complete and content in my conjugal life. Heena is the right person that I was searching for. And now that I have her in my life, it is the most beautiful feeling.”

    The wedding that happened in Anas’ hometown Malerkotla was a grand affair. With families and friends by his side, the groom looked splendid. His producer Sumeet Mittal also traveled to celebrate the big day and even shared a post on Instagram.

    Talking further about the function, Anas shared, “Everyone kept complimenting us how great we looked together. Our wedding attire also received a lot of appreciation and we were blushing because of the praises. Being the eldest in the house, I was so elated to see my family happy. It was a feeling that I can’t even describe in words. I was nervous, happy, restless and what not. It was the best day in my life for sure.”

    On asked whether Heena has managed to mingle with his family, the actor shared with a smile, “It doesn’t seem that she is new in the family. Heena has already won over everyone and she has seamlessly blended with the family. Everyone loves and adores her and she too has been reciprocating it with equal love. As of now, she hasn’t cooked anything but my mother and sisters are helping her in understanding these things.”

    Lastly, the actor shared that the couple’s plans to come to Mumbai by end of the month. “We will have a party for all my Mumbai friends and associates once I am there. I want all of them to meet Heena.”

    Always wanting to get married to a traditional girl of his parents’ choice, the 39-year-old actor opted for an arranged marriage. Heena, who is only 24 years old, worked in the immigration sector but chose to quit her job to get married. The couple had got engaged earlier this year.

    Anas has been a part of shows like Prithviraj Chauhan, Kahin Toh Hoga and Kya Hoga Nimmo Ka in the past. He became a star with his portrayal of a man who helps his wife become an IPS officer in Diya Aur Baati Hum. Recently, the actor played a cameo in the show’s sequel Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji.Read more at:wedding dresses online australia | cheap wedding dresses brisbane

  • Here’s how Samatha Ruth Prabhu convinced Naga Chaitanya to make their relationship official

    Samantha Ruth Prabhu and Naga Chaitanya’s wedding is just a month away. They are ridiculously adorable together. The two have dated for quite some time and Naga recently opened up about how Samantha made him make their relationship official. At a press conference, Naga said, “We fell in love during the making of Ye Maaya Chesave in 2009 and the love affair continued very well in the following years. I was, however, delaying revealing to my parents about my love affair despite Sam’s insistence. One day, when we were chatting casually, Sam threatened to tie a ‘rakhi’ on me if I didn’t tell about the love to my parents. I was shocked by her threat and spoke about my love soon after to my parents and got their consent.”

    See now that’s how you make your guy introduce you to his family! Aren’t these two amazing? We love looking at the pictures of these two together. Though the two are getting married soon they revealed that the honeymoon will have to happen much later, courtesy work commitments. While Naga will be seen in Yuddham Sharanam, Samantha will be seen with Vijay in Mersal. Apart from that, the actress will also be seen in Mahanati and Rangasthalam.

    Sam and Naga’s engagement was one beautiful affair and their wedding will be even more beautiful. It’s going to be a three-day grand event in Goa. The two have planned a Church wedding followed by a traditional one. In fact, Sam will be wearing a sari that belonged to Naga’s grandmother for the traditional wedding ceremony. More than the couple, it’s their fans who are excited for their wedding. Replying to a fan, Samantha once said that she is already married to Naga Chaitanya which is why others seem more happy for them that the two.

    We know one thing for sure, Samantha is going to make one stunning bride. She looked so gorgeous at her engagement, we’re damn sure she is going to make heads turn on her wedding day. What are your thoughts on this? Tell us in the comments below and stay tuned with us for more.Read more at:wedding dresses | bridesmaid dresses australia