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  • What is the make-up on the beach for your wedding

    enjoy the breeze from the sea and watched basement sand around the coconut trees and flocks of gulls, male feels relaxed and happy and live in nature?

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  • A Case for Wearing Flats on Your Wedding Day

    It’s 2016: A woman can wear what she wants to her wedding. Don’t care for the Disney princess look? No problem—there’s a wealth of understated options on the market right now. More of a pants person? You’re in luck: Bridal jumpsuits couldn’t be cooler these days—and who’s going to stop you if you want to wear jeans? (I mean, your mom might try…)

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  • This DAR Wedding Is So Perfectly Southern We Can’t Even Handle It

    About to enter her sophomore year at Virginia Tech, Katie dragged her twin sister Erika to a welcome-back party. Katie knew nearly everyone there—except Patrick, one of the hosts. “She wasn’t the only pretty girl at the party,” he remembers, “but there was something different about her.”

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