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  • Oxford couple divided for Egg Bowl

    Oxford residents Hannah Yates, 24, and Rush Mayo, 32, met at the Neshoba County Fair where their cabins were five doors down from one another.

    Rush showed up on Hannah’s porch one night, and the “instant friends” talked until the next morning, but they didn’t begin dating until Halloween 2011.

    The Mayo and Yates families had been intertwined for years because they are both originally from the Mississippi Delta. Yet, despite their commonalities, one major factor divides the Mayos. Hannah is a Bulldog, and Rush is a Rebel.

    Philadelphia native Hannah Mayo attended Grace Christian School in Louisville from kindergarten until her high school graduation in 2009.

    She attended Mississippi State University, graduating a semester early in December 2012 with a bachelor’s degree in political science.

    April & Paul Photography
Rush Mayo and Hannah Yates made their allegiances to University of Mississippi and Mississippi State University clear from day one while walking down the aisle and still keep up the tradition, as seen below, when tailgating on game days.

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    She now works as a receptionist and “jack-of-all-trades” at the Mayo Eye Center in Oxford.

    Hannah’s most memorable MSU experience was attending the Egg Bowl on Thanksgiving Day in Starkville as a teenager.

    “My dad had taken me and my brother,” she said. “We sat in the lower section right on the 50-yard line. State did not get a good start, and it was looking pretty bleak. We, like true maroon State fans, were going to stay until the clock said 00:00.

    “In the last eight minutes, State came back and won the game. I remember jumping up and down, screaming, and hugging strangers. We walked out of the stadium ringing our cowbells. It was glorious.”

    Rush Mayo traveled a lot because his father was in the Navy, but he calls Oxford home because it’s where he’s spent most of his life.

    His family roots go back more than a century in Lafayette County, and the couple now attends the church in which his great grandparents were married.

    Mayo graduated from Ole Miss with a bachelor’s degree in business administration and marketing. He is now the senior e-commerce developer for Premier Prints Inc., where he manages the development, release and maintenance of e-commerce business strategies for two websites.

    Rush said his most memorable Ole Miss experience was the “100 Shutout” in Starkville.

    “It rained so much at that game that my socks were soaked through my boots,” he said. “Most of the game was scoreless. With all the rain, Eli (Manning) wasn’t able to pass as much, but somehow he and the receivers were able to pull out some touchdowns.

    “What made it great, other than the shutout, was that it was Jackie Sherrill’s last game, and we annihilated them.”

    Hannah and Rush Mayo’s team love was incorporated into their wedding reception last year.

    “We had maroon/white and red/blue pom-pons at our reception,” Hannah said. “We used them on our exit and also as our wedding favor.”

    The couple’s names and wedding date were printed on the handles.

    “Rush’s groom’s cake was Ole Miss, and my cake table had MSU stuff on it along with my cowbell,” she said. “We married at The Mill at Plein Air on June 28, 2014. We chose that date because it wasn’t during football or baseball season.”

    Egg Bowl week is hard for the couple, but fun.

    “We try really hard to not get too invested, but come on. It’s the SEC. How can you not be?” Hannah said.

    “We talk a lot of smack. We talk smack all the way up to the very end of the game because, as we all know, anything can happen. This is how it is always though. We talk smack year-round, but it’s especially heightened during football and baseball.”

    The Mayos say they have learned patience being in a Bulldog/Rebel marriage.

    “It’s hard losing,” said Hannah Mayo, “but it’s just as hard being the winner and not being obnoxious about it. We have learned to just take it as a game, because that’s what it is ultimately — just a game. We can have fun with it, and there is always next year. Rush has learned to take earplugs to Starkville.”

    Hannah said the couple has two rules about game days.

    “1. Smack talk all you want the week leading up to the game. 2. Once the game is over, that is it. Nothing else. Period.

    “We do not make bets on the game because I know that if we were to say, ‘Whoever loses has to wear the other team’s colors,’ that it would end up in a full-blown argument before ultimately nothing would ever happen.

    “We respect that our love for our teams are a deeply ingrained part of who we are. I would never ask Rush to put on MSU colors, because I know he wouldn’t, and I wouldn’t want him to ask me to put on Ole Miss colors.”

    The two also shared their thoughts on upcoming Ole Miss/MSU games.

    Hannah: “I think State is going to win, obviously. The teams are pretty evenly matched skill wise, I think, but we all know that especially in rivalry games, home field advantage is everything. Whether you have prepped with cowbells, or yelling or anything else, that day is a completely different atmosphere than anything you can anticipate or prep for. Wrap it in maroon and white. Hail State.”

    Rush: “Hotty Toddy. Rivalry games are always tense. This year, though, there is a lot riding on this game. With Ole Miss’s epic win over LSU, I believe our momentum has really kicked into another gear. Chad Kelly is running fearlessly and breaking records throwing. DeMarquis looked solid. And State’s D just can’t handle us.”

    Both couples offered advice for other Rebel/Bulldog marriages.

    Hannah: “Respect the love one another has for their team. Remember it’s just a game.”

    Rush: “Be gracious winners as well as losers.”

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  • Kareena Kapoor Khan turns fashion guru for this wedding season

    This wedding season should be dedicated to Kareena Kapoor Khan’s style diary ‘cause you won’tregret it! From the start of the festive season, we’ve been keeping an eye on the Bajrangi Bhaijaan actress, for the reason being simple, her gorgeous ensembles! You would be stunned to see how brilliantly Kareena’s style statement has treaded a new path! With so much happening in the actress’ style studded mind lately, we realised, wouldn’t it suit well for the ladies to take some inspiration from this diva? She has obviously surpassed our style meter of donning the best ethnic wear! Well then, scroll down further and take a look at Kareena’s best festive season ensembles that would look great in weddings.

    Kareena looked absolutely stunning in this Payal Khandwala limited edition ensemble with Suhani Pittie’s neckpiece and Anita Dongre clutch to match her look. Those trendy ethnic prints sure are making its mark in traditional outfits and looks like now you can incorporate the same when attending a wedding!

    Need we say more about this Sabyasachi lehenga? The chocker neck sure is a standout and pairing the outfit with Amrapali jhumkas and hair tied in a bun makes Kareena look even more divine! Also, not to forget, the sexy back of the choli! Doesn’t it look simply classy? Small tip here, if you’re confused about what colour to don, simply go for the beautiful royal blue!


    Images: simple wedding dresses

    Simplicity at its best! Don’t you think? This white Rohit Bahl anarkali embroidered with golden sequins is just too gorgeous! With this highly embroidered anarkali, you don’t need any jewellery and Kareena has wisely followed the rulebook!

    Kareena has chosen to steer clear from all the commotion of embroideries and embellishments as she donned this effortless black Anita Dongre Grassroot outfit oh and look out for the embroidered black jacket! And the hair tied down gives it such a rich look, you’ve gotta admit, it’s worth trying!

    This Varun Bahl couture’s ivory anarkali definitely fits every festive season and especially weddings! You should definitely go for light colours this wedding season because clearly, it seems to be working tremendously well! Oh and yes, the Gem Palace gold and pearl earrings are killer!

    We’re all aware of Manish Malhotra’s fashion and this ensemble of his donned by Kareena is a beautiful appliquéd art put together! We’re in love with this outfit and oh, not to forget those gorgeous Malabar Gold earrings. The one side hairdo donned by Kareena is also something to look up to!

    Bebo looked absolutely stunning in this full length beige embellished gown paired with a dupatta roped from Sabyasachi’s creation! It’s a beautiful ensemble and you don’t have to put a lot of effort to wear it. Remember, for a dress like this, a round bindi is the perfect icing on the cake!

    So three things that you learn from this list; Chocker neck lehengas need a green signal asap, minimalistic look is the best way to go and you don’t always need the aid of jewellery to save you from standing out! Girls, time to note down these tips because it sure is gonna come in handy when you’re planning your stand out look for the wedding season!

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  • Reasons to Have a Destination Wedding Abroad

    Next year, I'll be one of the 25% of brides (or there abouts) who will be having a destination wedding overseas. And while a destination wedding isn't just about exotic beaches (I've heard of other brides-to-be getting married in Tuscan villages, European cities and the bright lights of New York), I'll be living out my wedding dream on one of Jamaica's quietest bits of sand (fingers crossed for the quiet bit).

    More and more brides and grooms are swapping the big white English wedding for a destination wedding. And when the average cost of a UK wedding falls just under £25,000, it doesn't come as much of a surprise. You can bag a wedding package abroad for a couple of grand. And if you reduce the guest list down to closest family and friends (or if you're brave enough, just elope, the two of you), you can save a huge chunk of money on your big day.

    Nthabiseng Sello Rachoene tied the knot with Given Vhuromo, of Vuwani - Venda

    Either way, if you're thinking about having a destination wedding, here are 10 reasons why you and your hubby will be thankful for taking the plunge:

    You can buy an all-in-one-package

    If you go for a traditional UK wedding, chances are you'll pay for all sorts of added costs, via the florist, venue, transport and caterers. Tie the knot abroad and you can often shrink these bills into one single fee by purchasing a wedding package through your holiday company or hotel. They'll have good relationships already with trusted suppliers and you can spend less time number crunching and more time on the more fun stuff. Don't want to go for a combined hotel and wedding package? It's fairly easy to find a reputable wedding planner by searching online and in wedding magazines. If you are getting married in the Caribbean for example, a company like Dreamy Weddings will often provide a range of wedding packages to choose from. Plus, they'll send you a recommendation of hotels and places to stay.

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    It's a good excuse to have a small, intimate wedding

    If you're not the type to revel in being the centre of attention, then a destination wedding is perfect. The bride and groom are more likely to be selective about who they invite, which will keep guest numbers down to close family and friends. That way, the whole affair stays informal and relaxed. So you won't get so many jitters when you walk down the aisle.

    Your bucket list gets a tick

    You know that trip to Bali you've always dreamed of doing? Or the picture-postcard beaches of Belize that you marvel at on Pinterest? Well, since the average destination wedding is at least half the cost of a UK wedding, this is the perfect opportunity to turn those dreams into a reality. Bucket list ticked.

    You don't have to spend so much on the décor

    If you choose a naturally stunning location such as a vineyard or beach, you won't need to fuss over fancy chair covers, extravagant props and marquees for your wedding (if you don't want to). Add some fairy lights and a few simple flowers (your organisers will often pick local blooms which can cost much less than your usual bridal florals in the UK) and you can let Mother Nature do the rest of the work.

    The legal stuff is actually pretty simple

    Many countries make it very easy for couples from overseas to tie the knot. Greece, the Caribbean and South Africa for example, have no residency period once you've submitted the legal paperwork. And in the Caribbean, the legal fee can be as little as £32. Providing you research this and complete your marriage application in advance, the whole process will be pretty easy.

    It's novel

    If the idea of a traditional English wedding makes you feel a bit underwhelmed, a destination wedding could bring a whole load of quirks to your nuptials. Research the cultures of different countries to find unusual traditions that brides and grooms can embrace. You might add some plate smashing to your wedding in Greece, or invite your congregation to carry palm blossoms in Malaysia. It will make your big day way more memorable.

    You can follow the best weather

    It goes without saying, if you're flying to a county that has an average of 200 days' sunshine a year, the odds of having a sunny wedding are greater than if you wed back in the UK. Research the season of your chosen destination before you book, as many tropical countries experience heavy downpours during their rainy season. Time it right though and it will be absolute bliss.

    Your wedding day lasts longer

    I'm not saying you can freeze time overseas, but from the moment you step on the plane, your destination wedding has begun, right? Most brides time their foreign wedding so it falls a few days into their stay. That way, you can factor in a couple of days on either side, relaxing, exploring the place you're in and catching up with family and friends. Your wedding will feel like a four or five day event rather than one day, and there'll be so many more memories to share.

    Guests will be more relaxed

    There's always one last job to get done when you're at home isn't there? But as soon as you jet off on holiday, those daily stresses seem to disappear. Choose a destination wedding and that's (hopefully) what will happen with you and your guests. When you don't need to worry about feeding the cat, picking up the bridal dresses (it's already done) and you're all in one place, everyone is naturally much more relaxed. Stress-free wedding? Yes please!

    It makes for an even better honeymoon

    If you and your partner are flying long-haul for your wedding anyway, it makes sense to island hop or do a multi-centre stopover, combining your honeymoon with your big day. Always fancied combining Cape Town with a safari? Or maybe you'd like to marry on a Thai island before you jet off to Singapore. You can - the world is your oyster.