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  • The rise of the multicultural wedding!

    There is a significant rise in the multicultural bride in the UK, so we talk to Abi Laditan from Brides of Culture- a multicultural bridal exhibition about all things wedding when it comes to the merging of two cultures!

    Typically, multicultural weddings are events not just for the couple, but for the extended family. This is very true in the Asian and West African communities, where wedding guests can total as many as 500, sometimes even more!

    For Asian weddings specifically, there are many traditional elements that are incorporated, meaning that wedding celebrations are often spread over a number of days. The multiple day celebration brings with it, multiple elaborate traditional clothing and multiple days to cater for, so this coupled with their huge guest lists means that the cost will inevitably be much higher than a typical western wedding. It’s a massive celebration the whole family and extended family take part in!

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    The most important place to start would be for both the couple to speak to each other and determine what each feel are the most important aspects of their culture that each would like to maintain on the wedding day. That way, both parties will immediately know what aspects need to be incorporated within the day, which should make compromising (which both will need to do a lot of) a lot easier from the get go. To make it fair, it is probably best for each to sit independently to sit down and make their list, then come together and compare notes- perhaps also make a rule that anything that is not noted down on their list, can’t all of a sudden crop up months down the line as a ‘must have’.

    This is such a good question, and one I wish I had the answer to. There are massive multicultural communities is cities all over the country, so I feel there is definitely a demand for more resources for those who want to add a little culture to their big day. This is really the main reason why Brides of Culture was created.

    The UK is a real global hub, with influences and presence from all over the world. What is great about the UK, and London in particular is that we are all so well integrated and for the most part open to experience the cuisine, clothing and climate of other countries. It is so easy to meet and fall in love with someone from another culture here; all we need now are the resources to help them celebrate the wonderful merge of cultures.

    I am of Nigerian heritage, and having got engaged in 2008, I wanted my wedding to reflect my background. When I started to plan my wedding in 2008, having bought the easily accessible magazines, browsed various websites and attending the usual wedding exhibitions and shows, I realised that there was very little inspiration or information in the mainstream to help me add the cultural touches I wanted to my wedding, I had to really rely on word of mouth from friends and family. My experience made me realise that many other people must be having the same trouble, so I thought that an official channel was needed to make planning a wedding with a cultural twist much easier. My sister-in-Law, Kemi and I initially; an interactive website which provides information on various areas of planning a cultural extravaganza, and last year we decided to take it a step further with wedding exhibitions, which showcases a large variety of services and products mainly for afro-Caribbean weddings.

    The Brides of Culture Bridal Exhibition takes place twice a year, in Autumn and Spring, and attracts over 45 premier wedding suppliers

    We are now in our fifth year, planning our tenth event, which taking place on Saturday 13th September in Canary Wharf. Our event was the first event of its kind within the UK. It was set up to appeal to a niche within the multi-billion pound UK wedding market, which up until recently didn’t have an event specifically aimed at the African and Caribbean wedding markets. 2015 will be an exciting time for us, as our Autumn 2014 event will be the last time we host our exhibition in its current format- As innovators within our market, Spring 2015 will bring something completely different!

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  • Smash and grab leaves wedding photog reeling

    Vancouver wedding photographer Jourdan Tymkow was devastated Sunday night to discover her laptop with thousands of her clients’ wedding photos had been stolen while she was shooting another wedding, at Burnaby Lake Rowing Pavilion.

    About 2,000 of the photos were from two weddings Tymkow shot over the last two weeks — and they weren’t backed up.

    Tymkow, 23, left her backpack containing her MacBook with the photos on it in the back of the silver Toyota she was travelling in, which was parked in the Pavilion parking lot.

    She went into the reception at 6:30 and came back out at 7:30 to get a lens from the backpack and nothing was amiss, she said, though she saw many people milling about the parking lot who didn’t appear to be part of the wedding. When she came out for the final time at 10:30 p.m. the rear window of the Toyota was smashed and the backpack was gone.

    This is the same type of bag wedding photographer Jourdan Tymkow had stolen from a silver Toyota Sunday night. The computer in the bag contained thousands of photographs from two recent weddings. Photograph by contributed.

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    “I totally had a breakdown,” she said Monday, her voice breaking with emotion. “I have been pretty much crying ever since.”

    She immediately reported the theft to the Burnaby RCMP who told her to check local pawnshops and Craigslist to see if the bag and computer shows up.

    While the theft means a loss of thousands of dollars for Tymkow, it is the thought of the people who will be impacted by the loss of the photos that makes her most upset.

    “There was hundreds of people at the weddings, like family and friends and all the photos of them with the bride and groom and the bride and groom themselves,” she said.

    Tymkow said she usually backs up her photos right away, but didn’t the last two times. The last wedding took place at a campsite, so she wasn’t able to.

    “Just the worst timing,” she said.

    So far, she hasn’t alerted the two brides of the news.

    She said she is hoping the computer will be recovered quickly so she can pass on the photos to the newlyweds without them having to go through the stress of the loss.

    If the photos aren’t found, she will contact the couples next week.

    This is her first season as a wedding photographer.

    It is also the first time she has ever had anything stolen.

    “I don’t understand stealing something that is of no value to someone else,” she said.

    She said if the thief returns the computer to her there will be no questions asked.

    “I would be ecstatic if they came forward,” she said.

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  • I’m leaving wedding catering to the professionals, says MasterChef Jodie Kidd

    She was the runner-up on Celebrity MasterChef, but when it comes to the kitchen there are some things Jodie Kidd is happy to leave to the professionals — such as the catering for her wedding.

    The 35-year-old model and presenter said she cannot wait to marry her fiancé David Blakeley next month.

    Kidd, who lives in West Sussex with Blakelely and her two-year-old son Indio, from a former relationship, said wedding preparations are “coming together”.

    She appeared in the Celebrity MasterChef final last week and said of her time on the show: “It was the most incredible experience, very tough, very nerve-racking. But what an experience.

    “I look back and I’m just extremely lucky to do such a great show as MasterChef, do quite well and have the experiences I went through and what I learnt. It was amazing.”

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    She said she wasn’t tempted to do her wedding catering, explaining: “We’ve got an amazing company doing it. I’ve completely entrusted [it to] them. They’ve been fabulous.”

    Kidd said she had not suffered from any pre-wedding nerves, but admitted the reality sunk in when she tried on a wedding dress.

    She told the Standard: “When I had my first dress fitting it was like ‘wow it’s really happening’. I just can’t wait. I want it to happen now. We’ve still got some organising to do but it’s the most exciting time ever.”

    Kidd was previously married to internet entrepreneur Aidan Butler. She had Indio during her relationship with Argentinian polo player Andrea Vianini.

    She and Blakeley, who reportedly got engaged in India after a whirlwind romance last year, have been making the most of the sunshine by doing wedding preparations in the garden. She said: “David and I got out in the garden with our laptops and did some work on the wedding. Indio was there, we had a blow-up pool out and all ran around the garden with hosepipes having a water fight.”

    Kidd, who juggles modelling with co-presenting The Classic Car Show, is set to start a new job presenting CNN Equestrian in September.

    Her future husband, a former soldier, has written books about his experiences in Iraq, including the bestselling Pathfinder: A Special Forces Mission Behind Enemy Lines.

    She said he was supportive of her hectic schedule, explaining: “I’ve got amazing management, support system, at work, at home and everyone’s very understanding of my crazy endeavours. David is just amazing and 100 million per cent behind me.”

    Kidd said of her new job: “It’s fabulous, I’m over the moon. Horses to me are my one love and that’s the reason I wanted to be a model, to buy a [horse] lorry. I’ve been surrounded by horses my whole life. It’s my dream job.”

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