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fashion hourse

  • What kind of wedding scene to wear a trailing wedding dress

    Trailing a wedding dress in countless girls heart is the representative of the noble and elegant, long tail can not only make the bride looks more mature and attractive, at the same time also can create a good atmosphere of the wedding, but want to wear the long gown or the need to pay attention to some problems, for example want to wear a long gown, then the wedding venue will have a lot of requirements, below small make up and said to give you our long tail wedding dress what conditions will exist.

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  • Gorgeous wedding dresses


    The bride's dress is not only only black or white, the bride's delicate dress of gorgeous color will make the bride dress more elegant and moving, the bride-to-be choose a dress that suits oneself temperament to let the oneself bloom charming radiance on the wedding.

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  • How to choose colorful yarn to look more durable

    In big cities, late marriage has become a common phenomenon, and it is normal for older girls to get married. But as you get older, you may start to wonder what makeup looks like for you. Today the bride of wei wei introduces a few different age of ambiguous eye makeup and the collocation of lip makeup, can let you show the temptation of ripe female charm certainly!

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